My Secret Ingredient

If you know anyone who cooks a lot or is a chef you might have heard them talk about their secret ingredient that they use a lot. I have one too. For me, I love garlic. My secret ingredient is minced garlic. I always keep a big jar on hand in the refrigerator to add to things. Now, I am not saying that is all I use, I love garlic in all forms, whole clove, garlic powder, sometimes even garlic salt.

For me, garlic adds that other dimension to a dish. The extra flavor. I put some in mashed potatoes, I recently used it in my twice baked potatoes for the first time and my Army Boy was like, these are so good! Now normally, I would be like, and they are not usually good?!?! But i understood there was a little more pizzazz in them this time, so I let that go. Sometimes as cooks we wear our hearts on our sleeves and when someone says something like that it is almost like stabbing us in the heart and leads us to think that the dish we made before was not as good. Which honestly kills us a little bit inside.

But back to garlic. It does not take a lot and face it garlic is healthy for us too. I am not saying you need to eat tons, but to dress up a dish and change it around it is good for that most definitely.  I use it in marinades, side dishes, main dishes, everything but dessert. As I said, sometimes it only takes about 1 teaspoon of minced garlic to give it a different flavor. You can usually find the minced garlic in the produce section, it comes in small jars or large jars. I am a large jar kinda girl! It is also good for those people who like garlic but don’t want to frighten off that special someone. Use in small quantities and you will be fine. Of course if you scorch it , minced garlic will act like regular garlic and be bitter. It is still garlic after all!