Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas


  Since football season has started, I thought I would post this little gem of a recipe. I was   craving hot wings one day but no chicken wings in the house, so I came up with this for left   over chicken. It is a great way to use left over chicken.


Left over chicken- I use 1 large piece per quesadilla.
2 ounces of Franks hot sauce or wing sauce.- You can use your favorite brand.
1 medium handful of Mexican cheese or any type of cheese you like
2 tortillas- flour


Cut up left over chicken into bite size pieces, add chicken to hot sauce and let sit for at least 5 minutes. This is really great if you want to make a larger batch and leave it in the refrigerator for a later date.

Heat stove top to medium-high using a non-stick 8-inch or larger skillet. If you have a pan without sides, even better.

Put one flour tortilla in the skillet, add chicken and cheese on top and cover with the second flour tortilla. Let cook on first side until crispy about 2 minutes or so.

Flip over carefully to avoid losing the mixture inside, let cook on second side for about 2 more minutes. Since stove tops vary this make take longer or shorter depending on your stove. When brown on both sides, remove from pan to plate and cut into quarters. Serve with ranch or blue cheese dressing.

**** Quesadillas are wonderful items to make with different kinds of fillings, so play with them and mix it up!**** If you are making this for game day, be sure to make plenty!! Folks will love them and want more!


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