Mashed Potatoes (Original Post 5/21/11)

I love mashed potatoes and the easier they are to make the better!! I actually stole this tip from Rachel Ray a while ago and I have to say it honestly works every time!! So feel free to steal it and use it.

When I make mashed potatoes, lately we have been using red skin potatoes. It really depends on your preference of potato. When you get ready to make this, make sure you cut your potatoes in about the same size pieces or this trick will not work so well. Put the potatoes in water and bring to a boil, once they have reached a rolling boil, put a lid on them and turn the heat off. Let them sit for 11 minutes with the lid on the pot. Now the idea is that when the 11 minutes is up the potatoes will be fork tender and ready to mash. Finish the mashed potatoes in the usual way. I use lots of butter and milk. I have also added in some other things such as cheese and bacon. If this is done correctly your mashed potatoes should be quick and easy!!


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