Beef and Broccoli- How it Turned Out

So the beef and broccoli turned out great. The meat was very tender, like it is supposed to be with Beef and Broccoli. The only issue I had was that because I am a human and not a machine, you are supposed to slice the meat in thin slices. Some were perfect and some were not. It did not hurt the dish in the least, but it is one issue I faced making this. I think that once it sits a bit and has a chance to thicken up, it will be amazing!


The above picture is when I added the slurry mixture ( the small amount of sauce and cornstarch whisked together) and the broccoli. It looked so good, but I had to wait 30 more minutes from this point so that the broccoli could cook through and the sauce would thicken some.


This photo is after I put the lid back on to wait the 30 minutes or so. I love my programmable crock pot! So handy and I have made so many dishes in it aside from this.


This is the first bowl of the beef and broccoli. I was not in a rice mood today, so I did not make any. It is really good without it in any case!


I highly recommend that you make this recipe soon!! It will help those Chinese food cravings!!



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